TechPrep by Facebook 

Piloting an Educational Outreach Program

TechPrep by Facebook engaged Yardstick to develop and pilot an outreach program designed to expose underserved populations to the field of computer programming, as well as about computer science and technology careers. The vision was to reach both youth and adults at different critical touchpoints and give them the tools they need to pursue programming as a potential career. The pilot program was to launch in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami and Houston.

Using a multi-pronged approach, YSL cultivated targeted partnerships with key individuals and organizations, offering custom curriculum that could either be embedded in current programs or act as a stand-alone, depending on audience and event-hosting needs. Further, Yardstick managed the outreach process from creation to implementation, providing support to partners and the TechPrep team.

The TechPrep pilot program exceeded expectations as a resource to build a base of learners interested in knowing more about STEM opportunities. Most benefitted were students and parents in underserved communities, where technology opportunities are not necessarily as visible. Having all the potential resources located in one, easy-to-access modality made it a win for those audiences.