VP Recruiting and Retention – Confidential

At Yardstick Management, we create seats at tables in the world’s leading companies for underrepresented and marginalized individuals. Below, you will find positions we’re sourcing for our partners. These roles range from Manager to C-Suite level positions. We hope that by browsing through these opportunities, you will find your next career goal and we’ll help make that connection for you. We look forward to assisting in your search.

VP Recruiting and Retention – Confidential



Full Time

Full Time



Company Summary: 

Headquartered in New Jersey, this behavioral healthcare organization focuses on partnering with primary and secondary education systems in providing mental health solutions, servicing thousands of students each day across 100+ school districts in numerous States. 

Position Summary: 

The role reports to the Chief Operating Officer and has full oversight and responsibility of the recruitment strategy, retention and engagement efforts of the organization. 

Key Responsibilities: 

O-1. Responsible for a high-velocity, high quality recruiting operation which includes talent resource forecasting, proactive candidate development, and succession planning and prioritization clinicians and other key stakeholders within the organization

  • Robust recruiting function capable of cost effectively onboarding 250-500 staff highly qualified clinical staff members every year, sometimes under tight time pressure
  • Assessment strategies that vet new top candidates and existing talent, who can deliver expected outcomes
  •  “Grow our own” plans in place to develop and retain talent and promote into more senior roles

O-2. The VP of Talent & Retention will ensure a high quality recruitment experience that produces diverse slates of qualified talent who can deliver on the organization’s mission.

  • An employment brand strategy that draws talent to the organization and improves engagement scores. 
  • Candidate attraction and engagement driven by an integrated communication and recruitment marketing strategy (i.e., recruitment events, digital presence, social media engagement, diversity recruiting platforms, etc.).
  • Tools identified, recommended, and implemented that will deliver O-2, including management of presence on digital recruiting platforms (e.g., Indeed) and management of strategic relationships with third party recruiters.
  • Customer and candidate friendly talent acquisition processes that support the company’s brand.
  • Oversee and maintain positive, pro-brand presence on all external review platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.

O-3. Develop and oversee impactful retention strategy for the company, including:

  • Maintain robust data collection system for retention outcomes (e.g., attrition rates, drivers of attrition via exit interviews, company “pulse” surveys)
  • Identify and implement specific drivers of retention, including but not limited to communication programs and recognition programs
  • Benchmark compensation across roles and geographies and develop a cohesive compensation strategy designed to balance retention and company financial outcomes

O-4. Ensure the talent acquisition team is staffed, trained, and engaged to support hiring goals.

  • Capacity models and business cases in place to recommend incremental investments needed.
  • Team performance measured by established KPIs.
  • Team equipped to deliver on expectations because their new hire experience is so amazing!

O-5. Deliver on the organization’s diversity, equity, inclusion goals for new and existing hires. 

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and advancement strategy defined and rooted in company values
  • Actionable objectives defined, census data and KPIs reported biannually to the Board
  • Key internal and external partnerships leveraged to drive progress toward the company’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Advancement goals

O-6. Oversee programs and initiatives to develop strong company culture that prepares for its future. 

  • Identify initiatives and programs which will support the building of our internal brand and create esprit de corps in a distributed organization.
  • Foster culture of accountability and empowerment of teams is established, and that a sense of pride, ethics, and mutual respect is central to that culture.
  • Implement culture strategies based on a deep understanding of the market, competition, and emerging/relevant trends.

Core Leadership Traits & Competencies

C-1. A strong and proven leader who can toggle between the operational and the strategic.

  • Rely on data rather than anecdotes to define recommendations.
  • Translate overarching talent acquisition and retention strategy into an effective, measurable, long-term action plan.
  • Exemplify a positive, transparent, resilient approach to the work and challenges that arise.

C-2. An outstanding communicator and proven driver (and manager) of change, inspiring team members to adopt new behaviors required for growth and success.

  • Communicate and make tangible a strategic vision for the talent acquisition and retention functions.
  • Be a listener and a coach.
  • Leads by influence and support as much as by organizational reporting structures
  • Communicate in a language that resonates with the staff, centered on mission and impact
  • Identify resistance and entrenched behaviors and demonstrate skill in overcoming these

C-3. Superior ability to work effectively in a highly collaborative environment.

  • Ensure colleagues are respectful of team members.
  • Measure the team consistently and transparently across each group.
  • Low ego; personal and organizational humility.
  • Can navigate between all levels of team members and connects with people to inspire confidence and performance.

C-4. Building people capability.

  • Uses structured, systematic, and transparent approaches to assessing and developing individuals and how they fit together in the team.
  • Systematically develops the whole team; develops individuals to build calculated team-wide bench strength and balanced capability.
  • Identifies successors to key roles in organization based on a rigorous understanding of capabilities, experience, motivation, and career development needs.
  • Uniquely tailored career development plans for employees with sponsorship internally.

The Successful Candidate will have:

  • 12+ years of recruiting or relevant operational experience, with ability to attract, retain, develop, mentor, and manage strong recruiters/managers across multiple disciplines and functional backgrounds.
  • Direct experience working with organizations that need to hire at scale.
  • Proven people manager and organizational leader who can grow a team of recruiters to deliver against the organization’s hiring, diversity, equity & inclusion, and employment brand goals.
  • Deep insight into recruiting best-practices and experience developing a sourcing engine that creates diverse and representative slates of candidates across distinct functions, and can coach recruiters on how to think about their jobs in new ways, to attract new and different people to the company.
  • Demonstrated experience improving a company’s diversity through inclusive and strong recruiting practices and partnerships.
  • Analytically minded: know the metrics to track, the frequency to review and make suggestions/recommendations based on the insights
  • Strong influencing skills with a demonstrated ability to quickly establish rapport, build credibility, and create partnerships at all levels within a company.
  • Drive new efforts to engage, deliver, measure, and evolve talent, diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and strategies. Continuously “learn” and adjust these practices to ensure the company is a highly diverse, high performing, and inclusive organization.
  • Demonstrated leadership infusing actionable, business-focused engagement initiatives; ability to coach, empower, engage, and develop talent, outside of your function; ability to achieve aggressive recruiting goals under tight deadlines.

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